Day 3- near noon position

15 kts on the nose beating our way to False Bay on Lasquiti island.

Travel day 2: hammond bay

We anchored in Hammond bay near Nanaimo at 18:00. The photos are of Shack island. The history of this goes back to the Depression when workers from coal mines squatted here. The people twisted development and now can keep their buildings in the family but cannot rebuild. Google shack island BC for more history. No … Continue reading Travel day 2: hammond bay

‘ noon position’

We got up to Porlier pass in time to go through on the turn to flood, we had 2 kts.with us and it was uneventfull. Currently going 4 kts downwind in Georgia straight in 7 kts wind. -- Regards, Bruce Warren  P. Eng

Fwd: Post script

1- ( DONE BY ANDY) notice the fancy table setting, including paper towel/napkins in shape of sailboat, and the centre piece.2- new moon today and very high tide- dock walkway is almost horizontal.Sent from my iPhone