July 23

We arrived at E dock at 11:30. After a quick lunch all hands pitched in to clean up TAtoosh. We managed to finish before the rain came. Andy caught the afternoon ferry; Richard and I went to sidney for me to laundry but was not possible since laundromat is closed.  ( and here at marina dryer is not … Continue reading July 23

July 22 penultimate day

We had a very long day, away from Shack island. Lots of sailing, albeit directly on our nose. We decided to sail inside at Porlier pass and surprisingly we hit higher winds inside than we had on Georgia strait. We were reefed until the very end, when we started the engine for the last mile … Continue reading July 22 penultimate day

July 20 Seymour narrows

We got up at the awful time of 5:30 to make slack at the narrows. We have just had breakfast and heading down discovery channel and by Campbell river. Bkfst was scrambled eggs, potatoes and onions -- Regards, Bruce Warren  P. Eng

July 19 update

We are in Brown's Bay marina. The docking was another near gong-show. Huge cross current and 15 kt cross wind made trying to dock to our assigned slip ( against the current and wind near impossible) i could not get near enough to let the crew off before our stern was swept off. I aborted … Continue reading July 19 update

July 18

After a bad docking attempt with a strong current giving us grief ( and hitting the dock with bow as current swung stern around) we finally tied up yesterday at about 3:15. It was raining and foggy and cold.  There are still people living here but there was no one about and the old post … Continue reading July 18