Leg 2- day 1:

Quick update. We are off E dock at 8:30 enroute to Friday harbour. The head is locked out from being able to discharge overboard in case we are inspected. In addition we have 3 apples, some cherries and a pear to eat before reporting to us customs. Bimini is up in light rain and no wind. -- … Continue reading Leg 2- day 1:

Wrap up

Garth made a silent exit at 5 to catch the 6:00 ferry. I am cleaning and doing some maintenance stuff such as repainting the length markets on the anchor chain. Richard drives on Monday - do far it looks like we won't have lack of wind and the heat wave will have ended. Sail plan will unfold … Continue reading Wrap up


Today we left Princess Cove and ended up anchored in Port Browning. This was a special day of sailing that I have never experienced in the gulf islands. We never had to start the engine except for taking up anchor and re- anchoring AND we never had to tack or gybe all day. We changed sails- … Continue reading Tuesday


Sorting out the windlass and the kinky chain went quicker than we anticipated which gave us an earlier start than we planned on. Originally we were headed for Clam Bay to be positioned closer to porlier pass for Monday's run down Georgia strait. We changed that to head over to Wallace island to get in a … Continue reading Monday

The plan

Garth arrived last evening as planned. Given the high wind forecast for Juan de fuca we are staying up here. The current plan is to head up Samsum narrows on west side of Saltspring. Then aim for porlier pass - for case is for 10-20 kts from NW - which should give us a nice beam … Continue reading The plan