———- Forwarded message ———-
From: bruce warren <bruce@bct-consulting.ca>
Date: Thursday, 15 September 2016
Subject: Maintenance on a boat
To: Theresa Turner <turner_3@telus.net>

I am waiting on arrival of robin tomorrow sometime and Mike et al tomorrow night. 

This is a short summary of a not unusual event in the life of Tatoosh. 
I think I have done enough cleaning to pass the up coming inspection so I thought I would do a minor task. Richard has noted that the retainer ring on the cockpit compass was loose, so I thought I'd fix it. So here goes for what should be a 5 minute task. 
– find proper screw driver 
– discover that the screw hole has either been stripped or screws are wrong size 
– search spares on board
– walk up to marina store and get what may be right diameter but are too long
– use new screw to “tap” new thread into hole
– fetch Dremel told to cut screws to proper length 
– discover that Dremel is not working( was working in May!?)
– try to disassemble to trouble shoot the Dremel but I need a star type driver. The ones I have are too big of course . Now have new item for the ToDo list. 
– dig out hack saw and vice grips, crouch on dock and saw off 1/4″ of screw without drawing any blood!
– re- assemble, put away tools
Total time: just over 1 hour. Result: 1 item off the list and one item added, progress??


 Bruce Warren  P. Eng


 Bruce Warren  P. Eng

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