Leg 3: crew on board

Robin arrived on the 13:30 ferry, followed by Mike and family at the airport at 6.We moved some things out of the boat onto the car to make room. We have fit the 6 of us and associated gear and it doesn't feel as crowded as we thought. Esther made the V- berth look pretty cozy, … Continue reading Leg 3: crew on board

Fwd: Maintenance on a boat

---------- Forwarded message ----------From: bruce warren <bruce@bct-consulting.ca>Date: Thursday, 15 September 2016Subject: Maintenance on a boatTo: Theresa Turner <turner_3@telus.net>I am waiting on arrival of robin tomorrow sometime and Mike et al tomorrow night. This is a short summary of a not unusual event in the life of Tatoosh. I think I have done enough cleaning to pass the … Continue reading Fwd: Maintenance on a boat

Leg 2- day 6

Arrived at Royal cove , north end of Portland island by motor- no wind to sail. We are stern tied and enjoying a well earned cup of tea as the sun comes out. Will go for a walk about later. Over and out -- Regards, Bruce Warren  P. Eng